Exciting New Technology for the Home

Have you ever considered getting a more secure home security system? Many people are thinking about this one and seeing if that may be the best option for them as well. For these individuals, making a home more secure makes a lot of sense. After all, we all want to feel like we are safe in our castle when we return to it at night. That is entirely possible when we are doing all that we possibly can to keep the place secure.

New technologies are making it possible to monitor our homes even when we are not physically present in them. This has meant that those who would be committing criminal actions against homes have something more to worry about. It has helped to lower crime in some areas undoubtedly. That is what new technologies are able to do when it comes down to it.

Home monitoring in particular may not be for you, but keeping your home secure is something that you should seriously consider doing if you want to live in the peace and quiet of a home that is not being invaded by someone who wants to do harm to where you live. That is how you have to think about things.

August 10th, 2013, posted by admin

Exciting New Technology for Your Children

Children are being brought into the technology world faster than ever these days. Schools are in some cases even requiring students to have laptop computers with them in the school. It is amazing to see how quickly we have adopted all of these technologies, and the impact that they are having on our lives.

Those who are looking at how technology impacts children have plenty of new types of technology to look at. They need to look at things like the children friendly computers that are now being created for children as young as six or seven. Those computers have plenty of safety placed into them to make sure that the the child is not exposed to anything that they shouldn't be, but they are still a new technology that many are still learning how to deal with.

New technologies for children are great in that they help that child to get involved in the technology driven world that we live in these days, but some are wary of the effects that this can have on a child who is that young. There is still plenty of research to be done, so it is not yet clear what the results will be and how this will impact the technology field.

June 1st, 2013, posted by admin

New Technology for the Sports Enthusiast

Not too many years ago, a true sports enthusiast would stay up to watch the sports segment on the late news and read the paper the next morning for any sports news that happened overnight. Sports radio and water cooler talk were the only tools the enthusiast had at his disposal to gather sports information.

Boy, how times have changed. Satellite and cable television guarantee that sports news and scores are only a button away. The internet has an endless supply of sports related websites that guarantee statistics and analysis at any given moment. And all that happened before our cell phones got smart.

The smartphone is definitely the holy grail of sports information. Every single statistic, score, article and photograph that a true sports enthusiast could want is literally at his fingertips. A multitude of different apps exist that allow a sports fan to follow every aspect of his favorite sport, every point scored by his favorite team and every quote made by his favorite player.

The future of technology is even brighter for the true fan. Glasses are being tested that will allow scores and clips to be played through the lenses in a heads up display.

March 24th, 2013, posted by admin

Best New Technology Products This Week

Electronic products come to market at lightning speed that often provide increased performance over a previous model. The newest products this week can all be linked together.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This is the newest smartphone that is the flagship product from Samsung. The phone is available in two colors which as a marble white and a pebble blue. This device features a 4.8-inch screen that is capable of 1,280 x 720 pixels and runs the Android 4.0 ICS. Hardware inside the phone includes a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

This is the newest flagship model of Thinkpad that is available from Lenovo. This is a 14-inch machine that weighs 3 pounds with its carbon-fiber roll cage. Hardware inside the machine is the newest i-series Intel Core processor and a rapid charge battery. The resolution is 1,800 x 600 that is expected on a new product introduction.

Jawbone Big Jambox

This is a portable Bluetooth speaker that will stream wireless audio form a Blueooth enabled device. A smartphone or tablet can be used as a source of audio for the speaker. This speaker measures 3.1 inches deep, 3.6 inches high and 10 inches wide.

June 9th, 2012, posted by admin

Best New Technology Products for Geeks

As geeks we always try to stay ahead of the tech curve but this can become expensive and lead to mountains of obsolete technologies. So what are the best new technologies coming out on the market and what ones can be left on the shelf? These are a few of the must haves for any geek looking to maintain the edge.

The Kinect is seen as just an accessory for the X-Bow 360 but soon Microsoft is going to release Windows programs that utilize this device. What does that mean for you? That means you can operate your computer like Tom Cruise from Minority Report and possibly control all of your electronic devices from your computer. This is at the top of the must have list for the variety of uses it will have.

The Sony Erickson Xperia Play has to be the best for out there for any geek. This phone not only looks like a Play Station controller but gives you access to all of your games on the Play Station Network. This means now more spending large amounts of money on games exclusive to your cell phone. This phone also allows you to stay current with all of the new Android apps as well.

June 5th, 2011, posted by admin

Technology and Education for 21st Century Students

Technology has always played a big role in the personal lives of students, but it has also become the centerpiece of their worlds away from home. The 21st century classroom is meeting the needs of students by teaching through a variety of devices that are students can relate to.

The classroom of the 21st century is virtual. This is the best way to explain the shift from traditional classrooms to electronic technology that is now used for teaching. Books still have their place in the classroom, but the text from these books is now displayed on Smart Board projectors and flat screen televisions.

Laptops, iPads, and touch screen displays are the items that are being used in classrooms to teach new concepts. Students are excited by these methods of learning because these are familiar concepts. The current generations of students have access to tons of technology outside of school. They frequent the internet at home, play interactive video games, and listen to music on their MP3 Players. It's impractical to assume that they will react positively to a learning environment that does not involve technology. This realization has resulted in tons of innovative methods that are changing traditional teaching methods.

May 21st, 2011, posted by admin

Exciting News in Technology for Business

As technology advances, it definitely has an effect on the way business is done. Eventually the newest technology becomes ubiquitous. Things like Microsoft Office and the smartphone are prime examples of such technologies that we just can picture working without now. On the horizon are two new technologies that are sure to have an impact on how businesses work.

First there is the iPad. The iPad from Apple is just the highest profile device in a growing field of tablet PCs that are hitting the market and changing the way we do business. Those tablets are appearing in more and more offices and are becoming very common with employees that need to work remotely. A good place to look for what is being done with the iPad, www.apple.com for the latest business applications.

Another exciting thing in technology for business is the adoption of cloud computing. CIOs across the world have had little choice but to take notice of the hype surrounding the cloud. Although the concept of cloud computing has been around for well over 10 years, there has been a lot of marketing buzz surrounding it lately. The reason for all the hype is the savings that cloud computing offers to a company. For the latest information about cloud computing, www.ibm.com is a great place to learn from one of the leaders in the field.

May 9th, 2011, posted by admin

Mobile gaming industry continues to grow

The Windows Phone 7 can integrate with Xbox Live, Sony is planning a Playstation phone, and the iPhone App store continues to spotlight a variety of entertaining games. It's clear that the mobile gaming industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and it's only expected to grow in the upcoming years. Current estimates expect the industry to bring in over 11 billion by 2015, with over 14 billion spent on in-game virtual goods. This represents an expected shift from the current "pay-per-download" model, which brought in just over 6 billion in 2009. Market research firm Juniper Research pinpoints 2013 as the year when these in-game purchases will exceed download revenues. The shift is expected to come as developers realize that offering games for free is a great way to hook new players, who are then more likely to pay for items within the game itself. A quick wireless internet search on your mobile device will lead to any number of lists of "the best mobile games." Some good general sites to check out are GameJump.com, EAMobile.com, and GameLoft.com. It's no wonder that mobile gaming is continuing to grow as an industry. Who doesn't want something to take their mind off long waits at the airport, in the doctor's office, or sitting in your living room waiting for your prom date to show up? As more phone developers and companies continue to contribute to this exciting industry, you can bet TonyTalksTech will be keeping an eye out.

December 25th, 2010, posted by www.tonytalkstech.com

73,000 blogs disappear into thin air

As faithful readers of this site know, even blogs that have been dormant for a while can come back to provide you the best in technology, hardware, and industry news. But what happens to sites that are seemingly shut down for no reason? 73,000 blogs are about to find out.Blogetery.com was shut down on July 9, and iPBFree.com disappeared in the next week. No reasons are forthcoming, as everybody who seems to know something claims to be legally restricted from saying anything. However, both sites have released a few details that match up, claiming that the sites are permanently shut down and that they obeyed copyright law.The secrecy and lack of warning for both sites has raised some serious questions, such as to what the nature of the offense could be, and whether due process was followed. Benjamin Arcus, VP of BurstNet (the former web host of Blogotery) says that the issue was not copyright related, but that a law enforcement agency was involved. What could users have been doing on these sites that prompted such immediate action?One anonymous cybercrime investigator in particular has questioned the legality of shutting down sites hosting thousands of people without prior legal process. Generally, this involves obtaining search warrants and IP addresses of offenders. Clearly, there's something deeper going on here.Keep an eye on Tony Talks Tech, as well as other tech news sites like CNET, for more on this story as it develops. No one can be sure how this'll all play out, but when it does, it's likely to be a doozy.

July 19th, 2010, posted by admin

Sneak peek at Windows 8?

Although Windows 8 has not yet been officially announced, several sites are reporting details on key features of the operating system. The documents, released in the form of slides marked "Microsoft Confidential," have not been authenticated by CNET, but do use internal Microsoft vocabulary.Some key new features discussed as possibilities include:
  • More secure authentication, with a focus on facial recognition
  • Faster start-up times, such that laptops could resume from sleep in under a second
  • 3D displays
  • Wireless connectivity to TVs
  • Compatibility with USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0
  • Automatic display readjustment to ambient light
  • A possible means of returning a PC to default mode while maintaining all files and settings
In addition to new features, the slides discuss how Apple and a new focus on laptops and other portable devices, with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Microsoft has not made any comment on the slides, and has not discussed any OS beyond Windows 7, except a comment by Server and Tools president Bob Muglia to say that it will be a significant release. An update for Windows 7 is set to be tested next month which fixes a variety of bugs without adding significant features. Instead, the company seems to be focusing on the Windows Live Essentials series, which are free downloadable programs that include Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.A final interesting point is that the slides indicate Microsoft still wants more data before "M1," a common reference by the company to milestones in development (M1, M2, etc.). This seems to indicate that the project was still in the planning stage at the time of the slides, some of which are dated April 20.

June 29th, 2010, posted by admin